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Hennie de Swardt: Corporate ID

Hennie de Swardt Attorneys is a law firm located in Pretoria that specialise in Copyright Law. The owner, Hennie de Swardt, had a very clear idea of what style he wanted portrayed in his new corporate identity, that is wisdom and beauty of imperfections and natural understated colours as seen in the style of wabi-sabi. He wanted a simple, yet elegant logo that conveyed this message clearly.

The concept of wabi-sabi is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, though you won't find the term in the dictionary there, and even many Japanese people find it very difficult to describe.

The idea developed when two separate words, wabi and sabi, were joined to convey a certain look, feeling, and world perspective. The meaning of the word "Wabi" is closely related to simplicity, humility, and living in tune with nature; it describes someone who is content with little and makes the most of whatever he or she has, always moving toward having less.

Sabi, on the other hand, refers to what happens with the passage of time; it's about transience and the beauty and authenticity of age. Practicing sabi is learning to accept the natural cycle of growth and death, as well as embracing the imperfections that come with this progression. Together, wabi and sabi form a feeling that finds harmony and serenity in what is uncomplicated, unassuming, mysterious, and fleeting.

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